Last week, big news was announced that Epic Games were acquiring SuperAwesome to increase the focus of building a wide range of kid-safe services within the gaming industry.

As the only ad platform built for the global kids industry, SuperAwesome’s AwesomeAds ensures total digital privacy according to COPPA and GDPR-K compliances and is trusted by over 300 of the top kids brands and content owners across the world. Their ad platform enables brands to advertise to kids in the largest digital content marketplace in the world, by safely reaching kids everywhere they engage. Using sophisticated contextual targeting, the brand ads reach their target audiences without collecting personal data.

In August, we also wrote about how in-game ad-tech company, Adverty had both signed an agreement and completed integration with SuperAwesome. What exactly does the new acquisition mean for the future of this new agreement?

We spoke to Niklas Bakos, CEO and founder of Adverty to get his thoughts on the acquisition.

“Epic Games’ acquisition of SuperAwesome comes hot on the heels of the announcement of our partnership with the leading kidtech platform, which is designed to enable safe digital engagement with kids audiences globally. It’s yet more good news for advertisers seeking to reach younger audiences safely; with seamless in-game ad technology offering one of the most exciting solutions to get their attention.

“Together we’ll make the internet safer, but also more exciting for businesses and brands. With more kids interacting online than ever before, it’s incredibly important that online content is appropriate as well as engaging. This is our joint mission and this deal provides market-leading scale, removing friction from the creative possibilities. As our portfolio of kids-related free-to-play games continues to grow, the new partnership will engender fresh opportunities for monetisation of the younger audiences in appropriate and brand-safe ways.

“For companies looking to reach a younger audience safely, the possibilities have never been greater. As a result of these collaborations, 2021 looks set to be an exciting year, thanks in no small part to this added catalyst which will swiftly power a wide range of services,” says Niklas Bakos, CEO and founder, Adverty.

We will continue to watch the journey as it unfolds to understand how the industry adapts to ensure that in-game advertising is adjusted for the younger audience. Let us know your views in the comments.

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