Game developers battle it out to design mobile game with the most creative use of AudioMob’s unintrusive rewarded audio ad format, for the chance to win a dream prize!

AudioMob, one of Google’s most exciting startups, is today launching one of the most exciting game jams of the year! Over the next four weeks, contestants will battle it out to design a mobile game with the most creative use of AudioMob’s rewarded audio ad plugin in return for some of the best prizes a game jam could offer. 

Starting from today, and running until the 5th of November, a select group of Indie game developers will compete to design a mobile game that utilises AudioMob’s unintrusive rewarded audio ad plugin in the most innovative and creative way possible. With the theme of “Sound Game Design. Sound Business” the competition challenges contestants to explore how audio ads can be integrated into games in ways that are creative, impactful, and integrate seamlessly with the game’s world, rather than against it. The end goal of the competition is to demonstrate how great game design can live in harmony with quality monetisation, without interrupting players. 

The shortlisted contestants will be given the opportunity to showcase their talent for the chance to win $1,000 in cash, press coverage, promotional support, introductions to publishers and more; a dream prize for any game developer looking to break into the industry. The independent judges will be looking for entrants to demonstrate how monetisation can be built into a game’s design from the ground up, making the ad experience seamless and enjoyable for the player. 

AudioMob’s ‘Resonate’ competition is aligned tightly with the emerging demand for non-intrusive advertising. The winning game must be built using AudioMob’s simple and elegant Unity plugin, which helps game developers monetise their games with rewarded audio ads while not interrupting gameplay. The ad format has been designed to fill the unintrusive gap that is left by the rewarded video format and provides a win-win-win scenario for developers, players and advertisers alike. Game developers are able to generate revenue without damaging retention; users are able to enjoy free games without disruption and advertisers are able to connect brands with users in an efficient and meaningful way. Everyone’s a winner!

The ultimate winner of the competition will be revealed on Thursday, November 12th, and until then people can follow the competition and get regular updates on AudioMob’s social channels and Discord server.

Key links:

– AudioMob website: 

– Discord server:

– Competition rules and guidelines:

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