An Unprecedented In-Game Surprise Carnival Night is About to Begin!

LifeAfter Season 3 is launching on November 7th with an unprecedented update.  A seamless world map will be adopted, bringing a true open-world post-apocalyptic survival experience. Enhanced ultra HD graphics will help create an even more realistic post-apocalyptic world. Exploration areas have also been greatly expanded, featuring upgraded Infected and challenges to discover. At 8:00 p.m. on November 6th (UTC+8), a never-seen-before Surprise Carnival will start in the game, welcoming the arrival of the New World with millions of players.

An Open-World that Creates a Highly Immersive Game Experience

In season 3, all maps will be connected as a large one. Players can travel uninterrupted from snowy mountaintops to glorious coastlines, or cross ruined cities into arid deserts. The updated LifeAfter will become an open-world post-apocalyptic survival game. To allow players to fully experience the seamless open world, powerful infrastructure systems have been added to the game. Highways can provide Autopilot and Fast Travel; Gas Stations can be used to refuel and speed up vehicles; Ladders can be placed anywhere to help players cross rivers and cliffs. New vehicles including off-road cars and even helicopters can now be operated freely. These will not only help players explore the big, open world, but also serve as important tools when pursuing and slaying the Infected!

Map Preview

Vehicles Preview:

The third season will also introduce a new exploration-oriented profession, the Treasure Tracker. Treasure Trackers has advantages in obtaining intelligence and an increased mining limit. This update not only expands the map but also upgrades the game engine. Players can now experience unprecedented life-like graphics. An advanced weather system also makes its debut in this update. The world of LifeAfter will now experience the four seasons and the addition of extreme weather events such as typhoons, rainstorms, sandstorms, snowstorms, and hostile environments such as volcanoes. These not only make post-apocalyptic survival more exciting, but also affect the status of players, infrastructures, and monsters, enhancing the sense of immersion.

The update also includes many new things to discover, such as the new feature, Gathering Team, an improved Camp system, and more!

One Day Left in the Surprise Carnival Week Present Event, Great Rewards Await

The Surprise Carnival Week Present Event in LifeAfter Facebook started at 10:00 on October 31st and will end at 2:00 p.m. on November 7th, 2020 (UTC+8). The week-long event offers players amazing rewards. All players participating in the event have a chance to win all the prizes in the prize pool of that day.

The prize pool on the final day is worth 2,800 USD, including: iPhone 12, all outfits currently on sale (69 outfits in total), AirPods Pro, gift cards worth US$130, LifeAfter merch pack, Kindle Paperwhite 4, and Switch Lite. Today is the final day of the Surprise Carnival Week Present Event. All accumulated rewards have reached their peak today. Seize the last chance to join and go for the jackpot!

For event details, please check out the LifeAfter official Facebook
( and consult the event post
( to join the draw.

Ride a Hot-air Balloon to Enjoy the Interactive Surprise Carnival in Game

To celebrate the launch of the third season of LifeAfter, an in-game Surprise Carnival will start at 20:00 on November 6th (UTC+8). Players can enjoy the exciting performances on the electronic screen in the Central Plaza of Hope 101 and enjoy the Live DJ and Dance show by Rachel and Arthur (Characters in LifeAfter). In addition, the Infected and NPCs will perform a musical stage performance together.

Players who won VIP Tickets for the Hot-air Balloons in the special lucky draw will be able to watch the performances from the hot-air balloon and enjoy the party in the night sky!

Players can download and install LifeAfter for free on iOS, Android or PC via the link below, then go to Hope 101 to watch the show and welcome the update of the third season on November 7th!

Download it now:

If you haven’t logged into the game recently, it will take some time to update. To ensure that you can enter the game on time to enjoy the event, it is recommended that you update in advance.

The updated LifeAfter will be launched on November 7th. Expanded explorable areas, Ultra HD graphics, upgraded zombies, and more await. In these trying times, we shall fight together for the future of humanity! LifeAfter Season 3. Survive, Restart the World.

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