Megopoly, a browser based, free to play strategy game offers it’s players rewards in the form of Amazon gift codes.

FL Galaxy Inc. announces the release of it’s flagship game Megopoly, a platform independent,  browser based game with a real estate theme. Megopoly rewards it’s players by letting them exchange their in game earnings for Amazon Gift codes and offering them real life rewards.

Megopoly is a free to play, browser based board game with a real estate theme, where you invest in properties and collect rent from other players in an attempt to become a virtual property investment tycoon.  The game is played through a standard web browser such as chrome, utilizing HTML 5.0 and is optimized for pc, tablets and mobile devices, so you can play anywhere there is an internet connection.

“The vision was to create something unique for the world that actually rewards its players for playing.  Creative Director – Mike Amerson. 


  • Free to play strategy board game with a real estate theme
  • Exchange in game earnings for Amazon Gift codes
  • Browser based game. Nothing to download or install
  • Platform independent.  Plays on pc, tablets and mobile
  • Casual online multiplayer board gaming

Device Requirements:

Accessible through most modern web browsers and an internet connection

Pricing and Availability:

Price: Free

Megopoly is available worldwide, and is supported in both English and Chinese Languages.

Megopoly Website:

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