Adverty AB (publ) announces the release of its Unity SDK on Unity Asset Store, providing developers with easy access to its patented ad technology for unobtrusive in-game advertising.

Adverty, the leading in-game platform for advertisers, agencies and content creators, has announced the release of its Unity SDK on the Unity Asset Store, a marketplace where game developers and publishers can find, source, and sell everything they need to be successful, including third party assets, tools, and services.

Adverty’s seamless advertising solution uses Unity to display unobtrusive in-game ads through an SDK (Software Development Kit), previously only accessible from the Adverty website In this latest installment, the Unity SDK from Adverty will also be easily accessible to developers on the Unity Asset Store through a direct collaboration with Unity Technologies.

“We are delighted to share our revolutionary in-game monetization service with Unity’s game developer community; accessible directly within their production environment. This collaboration helps us reach a much wider range of game developers on a global scale,” explains Calle Sténson, Director of Client Technology at Adverty.

The Adverty Unity SDK has been customized for the Unity Asset Store to feature an easy onboarding process for developers using the service. For the ultimate experience, Adverty has included various pre-modeled ad placements such as billboards, floor stands and poster frames in the package. This will satisfy each level of game developer interested in monetizing their creations with unobtrusive, seamless in-game ads.

With a number of recent observations of bad examples of In-Game Advertising from other games, DIGACHAN asked, “With the decision to launch an SDK to the asset store, how does Adverty ensure that game developers do not incorrectly implement the technology, especially if they choose to not use the pre-modeled game objects? Is it possible for developers to receive revenue for poorly implemented ads and is there any governance by Adverty to protect the brand and players?”

Niklas Bakos, founder and CEO of Adverty comments: “Of course, while there are IGA companies offering poor quality adverts, Adverty, on the other hand, has worked hard to ensure that programmatic ads are being delivered properly and that game developers don’t incorrectly implement its technology.

“We recently announced the release of our Unity SDK on Unity Asset Store, providing developers with easy access to our patented ad technology for unobtrusive in-game advertising. This includes various pre-modelled ad placements such as billboards, floor stands and poster frames and each of these offerings take the protection of our advertisers’ brands extremely seriously.
“Our inventory is unique and it is all in-app, too – one of the safest environments for brands. It is a priority for Adverty to ensure that a brand will never appear next to content that has the potential to harm. All of the apps that provide our inventory have already been vetted by Apple and Google and, in addition, we manually approve any apps that are added to our platform; maintaining a comprehensive whitelist, updated on a regular basis whilst also adhering to specific blacklists, as specified by buyers.

“But we recognise that at least as important as all of this is the need for the ad experience itself to be positive, and never to frustrate users. As such, our approach is to seamlessly and properly integrate, natively and unobtrusively, and never to impact user engagement unless the user explicitly initiates an interaction. As such, we have committed to comply with the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads, as part of an industry-wide effort to ensure quality advertising fit for the digital age.

“It is our hope that in-game advertising will mature rapidly this year, with poor quality or fraudulent players stamped out as part of a wider industry effort to evolve and offer the highest-quality, sophisticated in-game advertising – one which reflects the importance of this burgeoning industry.”

The Adverty Unity SDK is available on the Unity Asset Store on the following link:

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