In Japan, there is black vinegar in a pot.

SUPER DRINK BROS.”, released by Neko Game Teacher and currently in early access, has a new fighter, “Black Vinegar”, as the 8th addition today. In the press, we will introduce the new fighter’s appearance and features.

■A hammer-using jar that bounces around lightly! 
The eighth addition to our lineup of new fighters is “Black Vinegar”, who uses a hammer to bounce around with ease! 

His hobby is mountain climbing, and he has even reached outer space after mastering it too much. He uses his exceptional physical abilities to bounce around and fight with a hammer swinging style that moves back and forth, left and right with ease. 

■Let’s jump and get around lightly! 
The new fighter, “Black Vinegar”, can jump in any direction with its main skill. 

The new fighter,”Black Vinegar”, can jump in any direction with his main skill. When he lands, he can make a mark on the ground, and if he dashes within this mark, it will turn into a dash attack where he attacks while spinning his hammer. This can be used to counterattack immediately after avoiding an opponent’s attack, or it can be used as a surprise attack to catch your opponent off guard.

■Build up your anger! 
When “Black Vinegar” attacks or is attacked, the anger gauge is accumulated. When this gauge reaches the maximum, the hammer will change and the next normal attack or dash attack by the main skill will change. 

The changed normal attack or dash attack will have an additional guard break effect, and when used, the rage gauge will drop to 0. 

This rage gauge can also be accumulated by using sub skills. If you want to build up your rage gauge quickly, you can use a sub skill to build it up all at once.

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